Thursday, July 2, 2015

Hi Folks,

Move, care, follow, share:  these were the action words for this year's Vacation Bible School, "G-Force".  For four nights, we had close to 50 children learning about God and how we can be better people and make the world a better place.

A BIG thank you goes out to all our teachers, helpers, and cooks.  You rock!  a SPECIAL thank you to Jenny McCathy and her mad tie dying skills which produced our awesome T-shirts.  A LARGE thank you to Ace Ricker for the brilliant decorations.  And, a HUGE thank you to Kirsten Keith for putting it all together and fearlessly leading us in this fantastic community outreach.  We are so blessed here at HCCUCC with such faithful, dedicated people.  We really shared God's love!

The VBS outreach project this year was for "Halle's Closet", one of the projects of "Halle's Hope".  Halle was a five year old girl who passed away.  Her family wanted to do something in her memory to help other children.  They founded "Halle's Hope", an organization to make children's lives a little better.  This past winter, the HCCUCC Sunday School collected mittens and hats.  For VBS, they decided to collect toys for "Halle's Closet".  There is actually a closet in Bridgeport Hospital where they keep toys for the sick children and their siblings.  These toys can brighten a child's day.

Halle's mom came to VSB on Monday to tell all about "Halle's Closet".  Five year old Genna heard the story about "Hallie's Closet".  She wanted to do something to help, so she asked her mother if she could use her birthday money to buy toys.  Her mom agreed and matched her birthday money.  On the last day of VBS, they came in with four big bags of toys for "Halle's Closet".  Genna really embodied the message of VBS to move, care, follow, and share.  She showed Christ's love in a very tangible way.

With other children's gifts and Genna's special gifts, there are now 175 toys on our chancel at HCCUCC.  How about we add to it?  Let's follow Genna's and all the children's example and donate toys so a little child will have something to smile about.  We ask that the toys be small, what you can fit the the palms of your hands if you put you hands together.  Small stuffed animals are really appreciated, but they have to not have removable parts such as button eyes.  Also, Beanie Babies are not appropriate.  Maybe we can double our number of toys from 175 to 350!

God calls all of us to move closer to God and one another, to care about each other, to follow Jesus, and share Christ's love for all  the world.  This is not only the message of VBS, but the message of the Gospel.  Let's live it!

Rev. Lucille

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